Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beauty Spots and Bites!

The weather has been just glorious these past few days. The temperature topped off at around 29 degrees yesterday and today it's been around 25 with blue skies all day.

As we had the hire car yesterday we headed out along the Eastern Coast to Sherbrooke Village which is a living history museum, what a beautiful place it was too, we spent a lovely day there wandering round the different buildings.

Met a great lady in one of the stores called Suzette. She has been working there for 13 years as the Ambrotype Photographer, and we chatted about all sorts including photography. We also got on to the subject of driving and I am pleased to tell you that Suzette has been as bad as me in the past getting herself into a pickle when parking her car, so much so, that like me has had to ask a passing stranger to help her out and re-park it. Oh how it made me laugh, and here's me thinking I was the only one!

I have now officially found something I hate over here...Black flies.
Apparently June is the season for them, but nobody thought to tell me! I was accutely aware of them yesterday all around me and found them pretty annoying, but didn't think they were biting me, only to wake up this morning covered in bites, they seemd to have gone for all my boney parts, which in itself is funny as we all know I am well covered! I have two huge ones behind my right ear, one on the thin part of my upper left ear, one on the left side of my face, one on my knuckle, one on my ankle and one on the back of my neck. I think I also have one in the corner of my right eye as that is pretty sore too. So today I covered myself in Jungle Formula and stunk to high heaven before leaving the house.

On a lighter note I have been learning how to pronounce some of the more strangly named places around here, here's my quick guide so far.

Shubanacadie - Pronounced: Shu-ba-nacker-dy
Antigonish - Pronounced: Anti-gonish (emphasis on the first part)
Musquodoboit Harbour - Pronounced - Musca-dobit Harbour

We passed through possibly the best named place I have ever seen yesterday, this one isn't hard to pronounce, just made me smile
Ecum Secum...How good is that!

As we got back late yesterday we didn't do much today, just took a ride out to Prospect and Terence Bay (two of my favourite places). Took quite a few photos, just for a change!

Sherbrooke Village

Sandy Cove



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