Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And it's a Pass!

Yes, Rob was victorious in his driving test today, which did nothing to put my mind at ease over my impending torturous trial ahead. I would love to be confident enough to say I think I will pass, but I think nerves may get the better of me. At this point I would say it's a definite 50/50!

A busy and hot day on the lot moving cars again for me, finished around 2.30 pm and worked a couple of hours at home. I will get my first pay check tomorrow.

It was the last meeting of the season for the Camera Club this evening so we went along and had an enjoyable evening, Nancy and Dave were there, and of course there was the Tim Horton's social afterwards. They have a whole host of workshops and field trips lined up for the summer, not to mention the annual BBQ and I really hope to get along to as many events as possible as well as get out with Nancy shooting.

The car goes in for repair tomorrow morning and we will have a hire car for the next couple of days, so we will be making the most of that and the weather hopefully.

I read in Metro this morning that the Queen and Phillip are visiting Halifax for 3 days in June...Very exciting...Well not for me, but for Halifax. I reckon it will be packed out when she does her walkabout.

I also read this morning that bears are becoming a bit of nuisance just outside of the city!!!! Errrr, I actually didn't think there were bears in Nova Scotia! How wrong was I? Plus apparently the coyote's are getting more vicious! A tourist in cape Breton was mauled and killed by one, which again I find very surprising as they are usually so scared of people. And that is the news today from this side of the pond :o)


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