Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Faces and Places

We headed for the DMV today to get our plate for the car. Only had to wait an hour :o) That's pretty good I think considering the amount of people waiting in there. At least you get comfy seats to sit in. The price for the plate and sticker (which is essentially, road tax and registration) is $159. The sticker has to be renewed every 2 years. So if you do the math, it's way cheaper than the UK to keep a car on the road.

We had a bit of a laid back afternoon, Rob called Metro Burners (one of the companies he touched base with last year, they are going to shedule a meeting with him in the next few days hopefully. I chatted with my brother Clive on Skype and showed him around the house via the web cam....I must have looked like a complete spanner carrying the laptop around the outside of the house! Just as well there is never anyone about!

This evening we met up with with one of my online Flickr friends Nancy, we met at her house and from there she kindly took Rob and I along to Sackville Photography Club. It was also great to meet another one of my Flickr friends Dave. I have known both Nancy and Dave for quite sometime via Flickr and our shared interest in photography and it was wonderful to meet them both in person. The club was lively, with a talk by a very talented guest speaker. Afterwards a bunch of us went to Tim Hortons for Tea and Coffee (a bit of a ritual as I understand....and a good one in my book!). There I met some of the other members, all of whom were lovely. Rob and I joined up tonight and hope to attend as and when we can.

Nancy and Dave in Tim Hortons


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