Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Drive Out and some more Spending!

After a late night last night I was having a little snooze this morning, when our extremely loud phone rang. It was my friend Sylvie on the phone. Sylvie, it was great to hear from you and you'll be pleased to know I dropped off to sleep again after the call.

Rob and I headed out to post some letters...Took us ages to find a Post Office. We keep seeing signs for them but can never find them. After that we went for a drive along to a place called Eastern Passage. There is a great fishing village along there, It looks like a great place to live. I would have taken some photos for you, but it was so foggy today I didn't bother, will maybe try again on Saturday. We stumbled across a great furniture store where a purple sofa set and chair caught my eye, I am pretty sure when we make some money this will be the first thing I will buy.

We then headed out further along the marine drive, (Nova Scotia has all kinds of routes for people to follow i.e. the Lighthouse trail, the Evangeline trail etc) it looked lovely from what I could see, rugged coastline, beaches and lakes, but again so foggy the camera didn't even make it out of the bag so we returned home and went to the Dartmouth Crossing (where we have been doing pretty much all of our shopping) and I ordered a really nice office desk for when my PC and printers arrive. It's big and an L shaped in Maple, the range is called 'Somerset' so that must be a sign that I have bought the right thing right? I also bought a really fancy cat post/bed thing for Hamish, so far so good he seems to approve.

On my wish list!!


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