Monday, May 24, 2010

Hamish on his Way!

So the Pet Air People showed up today to collect my boy! There were tears, nerves and a whole lot of apprehension, but luckily Hamish took it all in his stride :o). He will be spending a few days as what sounds like a country club for cats, then he'll packed up and put on the plane on May 27th. He has shown no signs of being stressed or phased by his home comforts being removed around him, and he sauntered into his crate this morning as if to say, 'right I'm off, see ya!' He has his papers and passport with him and there is no quarantine or waiting time the other end. I cannot wait to get him back!

This will be my last post from the UK I suspect. So Canada, here we come!!

Hamish relaxing in the shade yesterday, whilst chaos reigns supreme all around!


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