Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hamish has Arrived!!!

An eventful day all round today. We were up with the lark and off shopping again! Canadian Tire was a revelation...Here's me thinking they sold only tires! We bought loads of goodies, including, a microwave, iron, shower curtain, hangers, glasses, crockery and so the list goes on! After our second trip (yes we filled up the car twice over), we then headed for Best Buy and the most important purchases of the day...Two TVs, we bought a 32 inch Panasonic for the living room and a 22 inch Samsung for the bedroom. (Just in case any of you reading are not aware, I am a complete telly addict, sad but true).

After the giant spend up we headed straight for the airport to pick up our boy Hamish. The waiting time was minimal, just a bit of faffing around with the paperwork and then there he was talking away in his travel box. We got him back to the motel and let him out, his neck seemed to double in length as he completed what seemed like 25 laps of the room, investigating every nook and cranny. Then happy and tired he fell asleep. Since then he has been keeping an eye on us to make sure we don't stray too far from him. It is simply fantastic to have him back!

We have an early start tomorrow as we move into the rental house, and have to wait for the electricity company to come round between 8 am and 4 pm. We will have no Internet now until the cable guy has been on Saturday, so this will be my last post until then.

...And relax, flying really takes it out of you!


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