Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final Farewells

After two long days of shifting the last of our rubbish out of the house, making good and painting for the new tenants, we are nearly there. Big thanks to my brother Clive and my best friend Sarah for pitching in like real troopers and helping out with the clean up, we couldn't have done it without you!

Last night my friend Paula popped over to say goodbye, I will miss her as I will all my friends and family. Rob's brother popped round today to say goodbye and pick up some long forgotten tools from our shed.

This evening an indian meal celebrated our departure and was the final official farewell for my family and my aforementioned best friend Sarah, her hubby Riggs and my Godson Josh (Sarah's son). It was a fun evening, with Sarah dragging out the old photos from nearly 20 years ago...Shocking yes, funny yes. Thank you so much for the pressies, a great reminder of the UK.

We are truly sad to leave and yet at the same time we are excited to be heading off into the unknown and a new adventure. Thank you for your support and your friendship always.

Left side (front to back): Dad, me, Sarah, Riggs
Right Side (front to back): Marjorie, Rob, Clive, Joshua


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