Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Art and Life

Good news on the job front for Rob! Yesterday he got a call back from UHaul and they have offered him 30 hours a week working for them. UHaul has a huge depot pretty much at the end of our road, so it's very convenient. Not really sure what the job entails yet, but he starts tomorrow afternoon. They do all sorts of van and trailer rentals, with a specialised hook up service. Could come in pretty handy for a discount next time we move (assuming he is still there of course). He is still waiting to hear on the night shift work in the printers. Meanwhile he has now got all the books he needs to start the exam process for the heating qualifications.

I too am still applying for jobs, but as yet no luck. I am waiting to hear back from one at Sears in the portrait photography section, which would be pretty nifty if I were to get that. I have also applied for a trainee manager position with Enterprise Cars. Tomorrow we are popping over to see Mike who is the relocation chap who might have some helpful connections on the job front.
At least now Rob has secured something it takes the pressure of me a little.

Night before last we headed down to the harbour front and I introduced myself to the Artisan Lady who sells local arts down there, she seemed quite interested in selling my Atlantic Provinces Book, although having looked into it further on my part, I don't think there will be enough profit in this for me especially once they have taken their cut. Also met another lady photographer (Shelley Nickerson) down there who sells her work independently, beautiful work we talked for ages and she gave me one of her mounted prints as a gift, which I thought was so incredibly nice of her.

Yesterday I worked at the car lot in the morning, and sweat so much you wouldn't believe! It was incredibly hot and I had a big truck to move in a tight space, which added to my flop sweating!

In the afternoon we headed to the Annapolis Valley...Such a gorgeous region. I specifically wanted to photograph an art installation (literally in the middle of nowhere). It looks very surreal as you can see from the image here, but so clever with the mirrored plinth underneath which makes it looks like it's floating. There are so many beautiful houses in this region, that it is now on my list of places to live!

"Door 17" Art Installation at Grand Pré


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