Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mustangs & Earwigs

Back on the lot today taking snaps of some more cars and trucks. Very humid and I sweated heaps. I can now officially reveal that my most hated vehicle to drive is the Ford Mustang. They are not designed for short, fat birds! I have trouble getting in and out of the buggers and I can barely see over the 'hood'(as they call it here). They are noisy and the manual type have the heaviest clutches you can imagine, just perfect for me to stall several times on the trot and look like a complete numpty! Lest we forget I have to get in the back seat and photograph the view from back there towards the dash. Now that really is trying to squeeze a pint into a quart pot!

I ordered up some new business cards for my photography site, my portfolio site and my soon to be (hopefully), new business site. They took forever to arrive as the post is, shall I say, on the slow side here. I will never bad mouth Royal Mail again! We only get post Mon-Fri, no weekend delivery at all.

That said I was very pleased with the results. If any of you do need business cards, Moo is definitely the place to go! Everyone has a business card here as it's all about networking.

Regarding Earwig Watch, what can I say, they are still lodging with us. The numbers seem down since the rain, but they are still marching about. I am definitely leaning more towards complaining and trying to get something done about it. My neighbour said she doesn't have any in her house, but said the warm winter last year failed to kill them off as normal.
I think I may have worked out where they are coming from, there is a slight gap at the end of some skirting downstairs where they seem to be emerging from. Until I decide what to do I am still spraying and stamping.

The hot and clammy weather has also brought an unwelcome smell. God only knows what it is. I thought it was the bins, but they are all cleaned out and then I thought it was the cat littler tray but we keep that clean, so I am baffled. It could be cat food. So Hamish may well have to poke up with dry food until this hot spell subsides. I bet you all can't wait to come and stay now eh?

Rob had a another call from Metro Burners and they were keen to find out how he was getting on with regards the college (the college are assessing what Rob did and can do in the UK, then they let him know what level he starts on here and how to proceed with regards the exams to qualify here). He is, I think still waiting on the assessment, but Metro Burners want him to start part time with them next week or the week after. He will then try and juggle UHaul with that. He doesn't start at UHaul until 12 midday so mornings with Metro could be an option.

I have a lot of stuff going on this week, so should have some more updates at the weekend, if not before.

Mustang...Must Don't! Definitely not a car I will be purchasing any
time soon!

Plain and simple, one of my new cards.


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