Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hosta Watch

Now you remember way back a day or two after we moved in, I reported that I had done of bit of gardening to brighten the place up outside. The only thing that existed there before I got busy was a rather large Hosta. It looked well established and although they are not my favourite plant, I was growing to like it especially as in the last few days it was just starting to flower.

Well, we came home from beach at the weekend to find the Hosta in tatters, most of the leaves were gone and it looked as if some sod had hacked all the stems off. I was most annoyed and thought it was the work of a vicious neighbour jealous of my gardening jest of course... not about the neighbour, just about my gardening skills.

I started Hosta Watch! as many of the other houses in our little area have Hosta's and bugger me if the next day I didn't see two others viciously cut down in their prime. Up until this point I was all ready to go and complain at the office...But having now done a bit of research on the inter-web, it turns out I have found my culprit. Yes it's a deer...Apparently they love Hosta's, one of their favourite snacks. He's obviously a bit sheepish for a deer as he comes and goes and can never be seen!

I think it's fair to say I shall not be replanting any Hosta's again in the future! Come October there will be masses of deer roaming around the front and back yards. Deb from the camera club noted the other day, when I told her where we were living - 'oh, you live with the deer' :o)

In other news, Rob had a productive afternoon at UHaul learning the ropes, lot to learn apparently, but they all seemed friendly and easy going.

The temperature remains high and humidity was 94% today. Making a hot day pretty much unbearable. Hamish is not happy with the heat, I think he wishes he could shed more of his fur coat than he already does! He keeps flopping out on the floor down on the basement level to try and keep cool...Bless him! Toronto temperatures are even worse, but I think we are due some rain and some storms to clear it out...So that's to look forward to...NOT! Oh how I hate storms! Spiders and storms the two things in life guaranteed to send me into total meltdown!

I found out more today about starting up my own company. I know what I have to do now, but have to cost it up. It is something I would like to do, but would rather wait just a bit until we have some more money coming in.

Spent the afternoon turning my CV into a resume! Took me hours!




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