Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bits and Bobs

A quiet week thus far!
Monday Nancy phoned and I ended up spending all afternoon at the lake swimming, with her and her friend Patty. Patty is great fun and definitely shares a love of banter and humor.

Tuesday I applied for yet another job, and Wednesday to my surprise they called me back, I have an interview tomorrow. The job is an admin position in a market style supermarket that specialises in hard to find imported goods...Like Marmite and Heinz Baked Beans!! (no surprises that the company was started by an Englishman!) Anyway, the job would suit me as it's in Bedford and just down the road from Nancy's place. It would be 30 hours a week, Mon - Fri 10 am - 4 pm (I like the sound of that!) I would have to work one Sunday in four, but that's really no big deal, so fingers crossed it goes well. I am not going to get my hopes up, but it would be nice if I did get it, as it would mean that I could still fit in the car lot maybe one day a week after work.

Tonight I am off out, meeting Nancy and a couple of others from the camera club in Bedford for a catch up and maybe head off somewhere at sunset (if there is one) to take a few snaps.

Rob is working hard at UHaul, although the system there is pretty non existent and a complete muddle by all accounts which makes learning the ropes pretty hard. The turnover of staff there is pretty high so no one really knows what they are doing! He doesn't get back home usually until around 7.45 pm, so he won't be able to come along tonight unfortunately...As he is a fully paid up member of the camera club too!

On Saturday we are going on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk...Now I know that probably none of you have even heard or know what that's about, well lucky for you I have embedded a video!

The weather continues to be hot and humid, as I believe it is in England too. I swear our house is the hottest place on earth. It was so bad last night I actually slept on a cool pack from the freezer! Poor Hamish is struggling too, he tries to keep cool the best way he can, which as you can see from the image below is sprawled out on one of the stairs.

Too hot for fur!


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