Friday, July 9, 2010

Solo Flight and a New Watch!

Got a call from Nancy yesterday morning wondering what I was up to and if I wanted to come over to hers and go out somewhere.

So as Rob was at work I finally braved up enough courage to venture out on my first solo trip in the car... Thank god for air con! It was so hot and my nerves were compounding the sweating as usual! Anyway I made it over to her place without incident. We spent ages sat on the deck chatting bout anything and everything before heading out mid afternoon to a local lake nearby where we went swimming (my first time swim in a Canadian Lake). It was superb! Not too cold and such a welcome break from the heat. Brilliant way to spend a day and I cannot wait to do it again!

Rob returned back from work just before 8 pm last night and we jumped in the car and sped over to Peggy's Cove as I wanted to get some evening shots. We headed back around 10 pm and as we approached the turning to our estate guess what we saw...I am guessing it could be my Hosta Eater...Yep a deer crossing the main and busy road followed by baby deer. They were so adorable I completely forgot about the mangled Hosta...But I was shocked and concerned at about them just wandering across the road. I heard that so many of them get hit by cars, now I see why.

In a (sort of) related incident, before we left I had slung my damp beach towel over the stair rail on the first level of the house with a view to taking it downstairs to the basement for washing, at around midnight last night I was on my way upstairs and noticed earwigs all over the towel (we have been getting the odd one in the house lately). I shook out the towel to find about 20 which I promptly killed (ruthless I know). Anyway I took the towel downstairs and found myself in what can only be described as a horror film....Earwigs everywhere, I am talking at least 300 or more, just outside the basement door, it seems they only come out at night.

So today (besides applying for jobs) I have been researching getting rid of these unwanted pests! I shall be laying my first trap tonight on Earwig Watch and will keep you posted!!!

Evening Quiet at Peggy's


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