Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Fun!

What started off as an overcast day yesterday turned into one of the hottest days yet.

Having got the ferry across from Dartmouth to Halifax (we wanted to try it out and there was free parking on the Dartmouth side), Rob and I met up with Tom and Marg to catch the boat for our trip to McNabs Island. The island itself seemed bigger than I imagined it. It was a lovely day we had a wander round and had a picnic lunch. It was really far too hot to do much else. We returned back Halifax at around 5.30 pm and went to a cafe for afternoon tea, then we we kindly invited back to Tom and Marg's for dinner. It was a late night night and plenty of chatting.
We got home around 2.45 am!!!

Tom and Marg belong to (what we would call) a country club, that has sailing, swimming and tennis. There is a dance coming up at the club in August and we have been invited along, so looking forward to that. We have also made tentative arrangements to meet up with then at the end of August/beginning of September for a night out at the Lower Deck to go and see Signal Hill play again.

Today Rob and I were pretty tired as you can imagine, so we haven't done much all day, but decided to head out about 4 pm for a swim at the lake as it is around 82 degrees again today. I know that doesn't sound massively hot, but when you factor in the humidity it feels more like 90 plus!

Thank you for all you kind words of congratulation on the message board and via e-mail regarding the driving test!!

Tom and Marg

George's Island Lighthouse, on route to McNabs Island

Nice day for a swim! Our local pool!


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