Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Deer Stalker

So I was settled in this evening watching Big Brother (UK version...I mention this as I am watching the USA version as well right now) and out of the corner of my eye I saw something out of the window, and sure enough there was a deer strolling about and chewing on the grass at the end of my neighbours house. I grabbed my camera and started sneaking about outside...lol..we all know I am not good at sneaking, my body size tends to make it a tad difficult! It wasn't dark, but getting dark, I had the wrong lens on the camera, and had to hand hold it which proved useless, so I had to resort to the auto setting and the flash, which is why the image looks darker than it was. I got closer and closer and it wasn't the slightest bit bothered! I cannot wait until Fall now when they all come round the estate. Tammy (another neighbour) told me that you quite often see about 13 of them on the grass right outside here and they can be hand fed :o)) Talk about wildlife on your doorstep!

I noticed at the weekend that the other hosta's that had been munched had been replaced...a pointless exercise as today they were cut down in their prime again!

...hmm, who's that weirdo stalker, I haven't seen her before!


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