Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Interview

Having been to my interview today I thought I would update you on how it went.

I think I should first mention that I believe that the interview process here is a lot more rigorous than in the UK (from my past experiences anyway). This interview was quite informal, but on the same hand professional and in-depth. Having read up on interviews here, I knew roughly what to expect, so had answers readily available and I had also genned up on the company before hand, which I think helped.

I was interviewed by two young ladies, Holly (the manager) and Olivia (not sure what her role is). They were both charming and younger than me! I personally thought the interview went well, but I know there are other applicants, and I also know that the one after me was younger. I am wondering if being older may go against me. Not sure if they are looking for someone with experience or would rather have a blank canvas. One thing that does possibly go in my favour would be the design side as part of the role would be signage around the store. Anyway I should know one way or another next week. It would be nice to get it, but if not it was all good experience.

In other news I had a chat with a lady called Annaka today, she is the daughter of Suzaane who is a member of the Camera Club, Annaka works for a design and marketing firm who hire in freelancers. She liked the work in my portfolio and could possibly have some work for me from Next April.

Had a laugh last night with some of the photo gang, we went for a drink in Bedford before heading out to the lake (where we go swimming), got a few decent shots as the sun was disappearing, and then it pelted down with rain. Today it has been raining on and off, and to be honest I was pleased to have a change in the temperature. I think this is the first day in a while I have actually felt like doing some housework in our hot house! Hamish actually moved off the stairs, so he has now become a fury barometer...Stairs meaning it's way too hot...No Stairs, just right!

Last Light at the Lake


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