Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Driving Test!

This morning was the dreaded driving test, and I couldn't have picked a hotter day to do it! My nerves started late last night, several trips to the loo and a restless night, meant I was pretty tired this morning and the heat didn't help.

I was so nervous I felt sick. Anyhow got to the DMV early, parked the car and waited for the instructor to come out, lovely lady called Cindy. For those of you reading this in the UK, let me tell you the test here is nothing like the test in the UK. The most noticeable difference is the fact that the instructor chats away and you have relaxed conversation thoughout the entire exam. So while I am panic stricken to my very core Cindy and I chatted about how she wants to get this blue star (big thing here on houses you see them a lot) to decorate her new shed which her hubby is doing up. I got so engrossed in home decor conversation I forgot to check my blind spots and turned through a junction from one lane to another (which was wrong). The total test was about 15 minutes long and there were no hill starts, no reversing round a corner, no parallel parking, no emergency stopping...Pretty basic, drive, turn and park. I had to reverse back into the allotted driver test space, which was not a problem.

So did I pass or fail? To my utter relief, I passed! I now have my official licence as it is all done on the spot inside the DMV. Terrible photo, I look drained, with my crappy haircut and have the standard 2 chins on display! Not an image I will be sharing readily!

I cannot describe the sense of joy at passing and knowing that I don't have to do it again. Rob thought I had failed as I had been gone so long, when in fact I was still chatting with Cindy about shopping and where the best places to live are.

My shirt and back I might mention was soaked through literally from the ordeal.

Whilst at Access Canada I took the opportunity to queue up and ask about registering the name of a business. I have now paid for a search and have to phone back Monday to see if the name is reserved for me. If it has been then I pay to register and can then set up a bank account etc. Still have loads to research on this. But step one now taken.

I have an interview tomorrow morning with an employment agency regarding a job I applied for. In all honesty, I think the job is a little out of my league, but Erica (the agency girl who called) said if this one isn't right then they can most likely fix me up with something else, so I am hopeful.

I also had a very nice chat with a man called Sid who owns a print place in Halifax. My friend Marg put me on to him. Although he doesn't have anything for me right now he wants me to pop in and meet him as he said he is always looking ahead as due to the economy right now he is two people down and thinks there maybe something in the future. Sid is very down to earth and from Vancouver, as an outsider to the area himself he knows it can be difficult here to break into the job market, but he employs largely outsiders, not a conscious decision but more of a coincidence I think.

In other news, remember that door art installation? I had a lovely e-mail from the artist, she loved my photo of her work and said it was the best she had seen. She said if passing by to drop her a line and meet up. How nice is that!?

Squeaked through on a wing and a prayer with 3 major faults.


Unknown on November 22, 2012 at 11:12 AM said...

It was really a relief that you passed the exam! That driver’s license was really meant for you. Now that you already have your driver’s license, be sure to drive responsibly. It’s been years since you got your license, how’s your driving now?

-Marvis Carswell

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