Saturday, July 10, 2010

Earwig Watch Update

As promised, an update on my pest problem. I laid my first trap which consisted of a dish of olive oil with a piece of apple in it (supposedly it really attracts them and they drown)...Well it sort of worked, after 2 nights I have around 12 dead in the oil, not brilliant results considering the number of them marching around, so I have now switched to spraying them with washing up liquid and water...which does actually kill them pretty much on the spot. however, they still keep coming, so it could definitely be a case of getting in pest control. I am waiting to see if the heavy rain we have had this evening might draw them back outside.

Took a brief trip downtown tonight to try out some motion shots of car lights. Not a great success, but one or two were okay. Humidity here has been awful today, so hot and sticky. No storm as yet! Lazy day planned for tomorrow!

Next weekend we are going on a little trip to McNabs Island in the harbour with out new friends Tom and Marg who we met on Canada Day, the island is only open certain days of the year and I think it will be a fun day out, picnic plus a history and nature trail.

Where all the lights are bright...Down Town!


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